After getting enough rain, the crops grown during the 2021A season are in good condition

At the start of the 2021A agriculture season, there was little rainfall, so that around the irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo the farmers were helped to irrigate they areas by HoReCo in collaboration with AGRIBELICO.

Later it rained and it was enough that the crops planted now are in good condition despite the fact that there is a problem of floods damaging the crops but overall the crops grown during this growing season are in good condition.

Maize cultivated in Mukinga irrigation scheme is in good condition and Farmers continue to fight disease
Maize cultivated in Gashenyi / Rulindo irrigation scheme
Nasho irrigation scheme/ Kirehe and the maize is in good condition
The beans grown in Nasho irrigation scheme
The beans grown in Nyarububa irrigation scheme
Beans were grown in Kagitumba irrigation scheme

Farmers continue to take good care of the crops they planted during this 2021A planting season with the help of HoReCo experts.
No agriculture, no Food! no Food, no Life!

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