Field visit in South Province of the Country in different irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo for the assessment of damaged irrigation schemes

HoReCo is managing different irrigation schemes prepared by the Government via RAB and other partners, even if the time, those irrigation schemes are being damaged by erosion from mainly high rainfall and water from constructed roads canalized in marshlands.

HoReCo Ltd in collaboration with cooperatives, Water Users Organizations (WUOs) and local leaders try to manage those foresaid irrigation infrastructures by doing community works but also by fighting against erosion on the surrounding hills of the marshland even if some irrigation schemes have got different incidences of erosion.

  1. Mukura Irrigation Scheme / Huye District
Damage of main drain due to rainfall and unprotected catchment area of irrigation scheme
Damage of main drain due to rainfall and unprotected catchment area of irrigation scheme

2. Rwamamba Irrigation Scheme / Huye District

Rehabilitation of Damaged deviation weir
Damage of main drain buffer zone

3. Murori Irrigation Scheme /Huye District

Proposal solution for protection of deviation weir

4. Kibugazi Irrigation Scheme / Gisagara District

Rehabilitation Design of deviation weir

5. Urwonjya Irrigation Scheme /Nyaruguru District

Damage of irrigation infrastructures and land plot due to road construction across the irrigation scheme
Damage of deviation weir due to construction of main road across the irrigation scheme

Irrigation schemes should be valorised in production and management where HoReCo, Cooperatives, Water Users Organisations and local leaders are working together to have the maximum possible production but some irrigation schemes need rehabilitation for better working and operation.

In way of looking solution of quality seeds of Irish Potato, ABISHYIZEHAMWE Urwonjya Cooperative /Nyaruguru District working in Urwonjya Irrigation Scheme has mobilized to start multiplication of Irish Potato to resolve the problem of lack of seed where at the beginning has started on 5Ha and they get 50 Tons in the store.

Storage of Irish potato seed waiting for its germination
Arrangement of the cooperative to store Irish potato seeds in maize shelter

This good activity is being expanded in aiming of satisfying the whole need of seeds on 115Ha of Urwonjya Irrigation Scheme.

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