If the infrastructures are not well maintained, the farmers will not achieve the desired yields.

In all irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo there are many infrastructures. These infrastructures are of great importance in the development of agriculture. These include: Irrigation channels that help water reach farms, The bridges help farmers to transport their produce from their fields, Main intake…….. These infrastructures also prevent disasters that can be caused by heavy rainfall.

Proper cleaning of the irrigation channel prevents various disasters from damaging the plants
Regular community work is essential for effective infrastructure management
When the channels are well maintained the farmers are safe
This is the consequence of poor management of marshland infrastructures
Main intakes are sometimes can also be damaged due to heavy rainfall. This requires erosion control in the surrounding mountains.

In order to take good care of these infrastructures, HoReCo agronomists are working with farmers to take care of them where they offer advice on how to take good care of them in a sustainable manner, where it is difficult; they can contact local authorities and help them.

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