Meeting with cooperatives and Water Users Organization (WUO) working in Rugende irrigation scheme

On 28/04/2021 in Rugende irrigation schems managed by HoReCo located in Gasabo, Kicukiro and Rwamagana Districts was held a meeting that brought together the following institutions:

– HoReCo Contract Manager and WUOs specialist from RAB;

– HoReCo leaders at the national level;

– Directors of Agriculture Departments in Gasabo and Rwamagana Districts;

– Irrigation Engineers in Gasabo and Rwamagana Districts;

– Sector Agronomists of Masaka and Muyumbu Sectors;

– HoReCo staffs  working in Rugende Irrigation scheme;

– Cooperative Committees operating in Rugende irrigation scheme; (COMSS, CNF, EJO HEZA RUGENDE and COPALEG);

– Water User committee working in Rugende irrigation scheme.

The meeting was aimed:

  • To looking at the issues between the cooperatives working in this irrigation scheme and the Water Users Organization (WUO) and finding solutions;
  • To look at the potential measures for increasing agricultural production in this irrigation scheme.

Much has been discussed and decisions have been made on the development and better complementarity between cooperatives and WUO in aim of sustainable production, farmers, benefit, therefore better management of irrigation scheme. 

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