Seedlings can be grown outdoors to get a start on the season. HoReCo agronomists said that bird eye seeds germinate in 3 weeks and added that you can buy seedlings from your local nursery.

HoReCo Agronomists with farmers transplanting chilli
Nusery of bird eye chilli ready for transplanting

As the farmers of bird eye Chilli of Nasho Scheme have a good market where they can deliver their produce, they started growing bird eye chili and are expecting harvesting much money.

Bird eye chilli in Nasho scheme

HoReCo agronomists in Nasho Scheme plan to transplant the bird’s-eye pepper plant in the evening, not in the morning or afternoon and say that transplanting during the day can stress the plant even more, lessening the chance of survival.

HoReCo agronomists help famers growing bird eye chilli
HoReCo Agronomists in transplanting bird eye chilli with farmers

The international markets opportunities of Chilli that can be found in Europe and Asia make Rwandan farmers interesting in growing bird eye Chilli in quantity and HoReCo agronomists who are in different schemes across the country give the advanced technical support in order to deliver the high quality according to the needs of the clients in terms of export.

Bird eye chilli has markets in Europe and Asia

Remember that Chillies are the cheapest vegetables available in India and so are eaten across all groups of people. The daily meal of many Indian labourers commonly consists of a few Chillies with Indian unleavened bread, called rotis, or rice.

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