From a social aspect, fruit trees help people become connected to the growing process while also providing a nutritious food source and food security. Planting fruit trees also has many helpful environmental benefits as they are essential to life.

Farmers from Nyagisenyi-Rufigiza received support of fruit trees from HoReCo

With the support and initiative of HoReCo, Started helping farmers from different schemes to grow fruit trees to the perimeter of their farms with the main purpose of environmental protection, improve the nutrition and diet of farm owners and surroundings.

HoReCo agronomist explained to the farmers how to plant avocado.
Farmers planting avocado
Farmers planting mango tree

A part from Nyagisenyi –Rufigiza scheme where about 1544 fruits trees of avocadoes and mangoes planted, HoReCo is expecting to plant fruit trees also in Bishenyi  and Bahimba schemes and they will create natural barriers from wind and deep-rooted trees produce soil stability, while reducing water run-off.

Fruit trees planted to the buffer area
fruit trees will also be planted to the belt Bishenyi scheme.

Talking to the farmers, HoReCo agronomists say that as these fruit trees are planted, some maintenance are required in order to increase productivity with good quality like watering, pest and disease control, fertilizing with a good organic fruit tree food which will be provided by HoReCo.

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