Season 2021A launching within HoReCo assigned irrigation schemes.

In this season 2021A, the farmers finished preparing their land in order to avoid the season delay. And this was done according to the rain availability published by Meteo Rwanda that rain will disappear early.

The main crops grown for this season are Maize and Rice. In some assigned schemes the farmers end sowing and the others are still in that process. For the farmers who are not yet started sowing they are ending land preparation and now they are collecting all the inputs needed including fertilizers and seeds. Generally the land preparation reached the end and the farmers are preparing for sowing.

Meetings were held with farmers on the proper preparation of the growing 2021A season.
Land preparation is over
The 2021A planting season officially launched at the District level in Nyarububa marshland
/ Rulindo District
This was attended by various levels including Local government, RAB, security agency,
HoReCo and farmers
After planting the maize they immediately watered it because there was not enough rain
Nasho I irrigation scheme in Kirehe District launched 2021A planting season
They planted maize as a crop grown this season

In the assigned schemes the farmers got inputs reserved for demo plots and all of them were given by HoReCo.

The farmers also got inputs supported by YALA and Districts in terms of maximizing their yield and this become more profitable to them.

The farmers got inputs supported by HoReCo which will be used in 2021A season
Fertilizer provided with the support of YALA in preparation for the 2021A season

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