Status of 2021A agriculture season in irrigation Schemes under HoReCo management through the collaboration with Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB)

The 2021A agriculture season begins in September and is the first season of the agricultural year.

This season, farmers in many irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo, are planting the seeds that are suitable for this season like maize…….

In Kamonyi District they have started the 2021A planting season, at the District level the event took place in Ruboroga marshland, one of irrigation schemes under HoReCo management in Kamonyi District.

It is an event attended by various agencies and partners who help farmers in the swamp such as: HoReCo, Good Neighbors, Yala, GNI, RAB, security agencies and Local Government authorities.

Various authorities participate in the start of 2021A growing season in Kamonyi District Ruboroga marshland
The community is also excited about the event

After planting the maizes they immediately watered it due to the problem of low rainfall
It is clear that although there has been a shortage of rainfall around the country, HoReCo has helped farmers irrigate their crops so that production will not be reduced due to lack of rainfall.

In Nyagisenyi Rugifiza marshland, maize is better planted and more resistant to pests.

Maize is in good condition in the Kagitumba irrigation scheme

In the Nasho irrigation scheme, maize is in good condition and continues to fight diseases and pests.


Fresh beans grown in the Kagtumba swamp are also well watered

The rice plant was also planted this season. This is rice grown in Nyagahembe marshaland in Nyamasheke District.

During this 2021A crop season in collaboration with AGRIBERCO Ltd HoReCo continues to help farmers irrigate their crops as rainfall has not yet been enough to sustain their crops.

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