Status of Nyamasheke Marshlands (Irrigation Schemes) managed by HoReCo

On 13rd until 15th March 2020, the staff of OMMIS /HoReCo headed by Mr. NDAYIZIGIYE Emmanuel the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of HoReCo visited 5 irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo located in Nyamasheke District in Western Province which are Nyagahembe, Mugonero, Kibati with additional of Kirimbi and Kamiranzovu as new schemes.

All schemes grow rice crop, during the visit rice was at different stages: Flowing stage, Transplanting stage, Maturity stage as shown on the pictures below:

CEO give recommendation to respect GAP (Good Agriculture Practice) marshland
Rice Farmer in Mugonero marshland
Transplantation of rice in Kilimbi marshland
Meeting with vegetable Farmers

At this field work, HoReCo CEO attended the SISC (Scheme Irrigation Steering Committee) meeting at  Shangi sector where the meeting was attended by Police station manager, RDF Command at sector level, sector agronomists, cooperatives presidents and WUO president with additional of group leaders operating in those two cooperatives with HoReCo scheme manager; with the main purpose to resolve same problems and set same rules corresponding to to the valorisation of the scheme

SISC (Scheme Irrigation Steering Committee) meeting at  Shangi sector

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