The progress of Agriculture season A2021 in irrigation schemes under HoReCo management located in Nyamasheke District.

From 29th to 31st December, 2020, the Project  Executive Secretary OMMIS/HoReCo and IT Team visited all irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo located in Nyamasheke District Eastern Province.

The purpose of this visit was:

• Visiting all irrigation schemes in Nyamasheke District namely: Mugonero, Kirimbi, Kamiranzovu, Kibati and Nyagahembe to see the status of the crops grown during the 2021A agriculture season.

Project Executive Secretary talks to farmers in Nyagahembe marshland
Rice grown in the Nyagahembe marshland provides good yields
Project Executive Secretary talks with cooperative leaders in Kirimbi Marshland
Rice in Kilimbi marshland

Nyamasheke marshlands provide high yields and are currently at 5.3T / Ha as productivity. But reliable seeds are still a problem. The strategy is to start using seeds from the growers.

The staff of the OMMIS / HoReCo Project in Nyamasheke are appreciated by the District Administration and the farmers who work with them every day.

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