Training of agricultural and livestock cooperatives in Gasabo District

On 24/11/2020 at OLYMPIC HOTEL a two days training course has been launched for the leaders of agricultural and livestock cooperatives operating in Gasabo District. The training was organised by Gasabo District in collaboration with HoReCo. The workshop also invited the charge of cooperatives in Sectors of Gasabo District, staff of the Rwanda Cooperative Agency (RCA), the EJO HEZA Coordinator in Kigali City, the EJO HEZA Coordinator in Gasabo District and various other agencies. The workshop was attended by about 250 invited.

Project Executive Secretary officially launches the workshop
MUKASONGA Solange Coordinator of EJO HEZA in Gasabo District
Director of Agriculture and natural resources in Gasabo District Mr KAYIHURA Felix
View of Participants of workshop
Some of the topics covered in this workshop include:

- Agricultural development;
- Management of cooperatives etc. .....

The second day of the training

On the second day, the number of participants was high, as on the first day, the coordinator of EJO HEZA continued to discuss with the participants of training the government’s long-term welfare plan.

Madam Solange MUKASONGA Coordinator of EJO HEZA PENSION in Gasabo District
Mr SINYIGENGA Gabriel, Director of BDE in GASABO District
One of the RARICO (Rwanda Animal Resources Improvement Cooperative) staffs attended the workshop and gives the message to the farmers
Madam Cecile KAGOYIRE The RAB Seed Officer also spoke to the farmers
Mr James GAKURU a staff of RADIANT insurance company gave a talk to the participants
The RDB delegate also spoke to the farmers
Cooperative leader (Unit for Development Cooperative) CNF
View of the participants on the 2nd day
Executive Secretary of HoReCo delivers a message to the participants on the 2nd day
Mr NSHIMYIMANA Ernest, Senior Agronomist of HoReCo also gave various explanations concerned Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) to the farmers
Farmers were given the opportunity to ask questions and get answers
The coordinator in charge of cooperatives in Gasabo District presided over the talks in 2 days
The representative of the DEA (District Executive Administrative) of Gasabo District and the Director of the Department of Agriculture and Natural Resources in Gasabo District officially concluded the training by delivering a message to the participants.

Farmers have benefited a lot from this training and want to get it every agriculture season.

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