Launching of 2nd batch of training of Scheme Farmer Promoter (SFPs) prepared by HoReCo

In building the capacity of farmers’ community in Rwanda, today HoReCo started the second batch of in-class trainings of farmers from Eastern, Western, Northern and Kigali city named Scheme Farmer Promotors/SFPs.

In 15 days of the training; they will be trained on 8 modules of Human/Community development with a set goal of spreading the knowledge and skills they will get to the rest of farmers they represent.

Project Executive Secretary of OMMIS/HoReCo officially opens the training

Project Executive Secretary of OMMIS/ HoReCo urged the farmers of Gasabo District that the knowledge they will gain from this training should be productive, which will be reflected in increasing their agricultural output.

Farmers say that they are happy with the training because the knowledge they will gain will benefit them.

MUGANINEZA Jimmy Frank Kinyinya Sector charge of Agriculture, urged farmers to seek more skills to help them increase their agricultural productivity

NIYOMUGABO Desire also thanks HoReCo as the partner who organized the training and assured the farmers that they will work together to develop agriculture carrier

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