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Horticulture in Reality Corporation (HoReCo) is a big company of professionals in agriculture created on 10/06/2016 by some Agro-Studies Internship Program Alumni who underwent into an eleven months practical training in Israel within different promotions ranging between years 2012 and 2015. The governments of Rwanda and Israel collaborate to train qualified Engineers in matters of Horticulture development and value chain, Irrigation and Agriculture Mechanization as well as building capacity of youth in agriculture.

The mission of HoReCo is to become a bigger agriculture transforming entity in Rwanda by using modern methods in crop production, agriculture extension and training of farmers on new technology specifically in horticultural producing and exporting as well as developing agriculture based on irrigation technology.

HoReCo committed to develop agriculture and improve livelihoods of all Rwandans by transforming subsistence agriculture into modern agriculture through extension innovations which integrate sustainable crop production and irrigation technology.

Welcome to Horticulture in Reality Corporation (HoReCo).


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3 Responses

  1. Munkundire Samuel says:

    Wonderful to Have HoReCo in Rwanda

  2. Munkundire Samuel says:

    Bravo to HoReCo, and We are happy to have you, and we expect more change in agriculture development

  3. Laurent says:

    Together we can transform Rwandan agriculture from subsistence agriculture to market oriented.

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