Horticulture in Reality Corporation Ltd (HoReCo) is a known company in Rwandan Agriculture where through it Operation, Maintenance and Management of Irrigation Schemes Project (OMMIS project) is now managing sixty five (65) prepared irrigation schemes belonging in nineteen (19) Districts of the country with the total area of 10,333ha where 82 farmer cooperatives and 67 WUOs are being coached, therefore, 49,443 farmers in total.

Among these irrigation schemes, different crops are being grown namely rice, Maize, Beans, Irish potato, soybeans, groundnuts and different vegetables but this is done according to agricultural seasons (season A, B&C).

Demonstration plot is the center piece of Farmer Field Schools (FFS) and resulting at the heart of knowledge and skills transfer, it is used primarily to research or demonstration of various agricultural techniques, with any economic gains being an added bonus. Demonstration plots are the key component of an extension effort and the key derivable to be offered by HoReCo to farmers grouped in Cooperatives/individual farmers and Water User Organizations (WUOs) where farmers were trained on the following techniques:

  • Nursery establishment (sowing, manure application, watering, pest and disease management)
  • Demonstrate improved Crop Production Technologies/ varieties
  • Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs)
  • Plot layout for small scale irrigation
  • Field monitoring role and responsibilities
  • Integrated pest and diseases management (IPM)
  • Best practices in harvesting and post-harvest handling

Characteristic of a Demonstration plot:

  • The site of demonstrations should be at a place easily accessible and at central point to attract large number of audience/farmers for more impact, easy monitoring and feedback.
  • Participatory approach may be followed in conducting demonstrations plots so that the implementation leading to better adoption and diffusion of technology.
  • The assistance for demonstrations should be done by an agronomist or other trained person
  • Monitoring is required on continuous and regular basis through visits to FFS(s) plots, recording observations, getting the feedback from the farmers and extension workers.
  • The demonstration plot should be presented by a clear billboard with clear words
  • Good Agriculture Practices (GAPs)
HoReCo technicians coach farmers on the application of GAPs (Good Agriculture Practices)
Before harvesting of demo plot, farmers are shown the rice maturity indexes
Cabbage demo plot
Maize demo plot (weeding and urea application)
Rice demo plot (GAPs)
Farmers are also trained to measure the productivity using crop cutting methods on the demo plot
In addition to these, farmers were also trained in in groups under suggestions on how to build their capacity via saving groups.

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