OMMIS Project/HoReCo together with farmers to find solutions to perform irrigation for their crops

Across irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo, erosion problems have been identified and destroyed different irrigation infrastructures that has helped farmers get water to their crops. It is in this context that farmers in collaboration with HoReCo technicians are trying to create new channels that can supply water to the fields through community work in this agriculture season 2021C.

Meanwhile, this is a response to farmers who were not able to irrigate their crops during the dry season and irrigation is the main factor for the increase of farmland productivity in terms of quantity and quality, therefore, this is the main goal of the OMMIS project/ HoReCo because when a plant gets timely water, at the right level, it inevitably produces the required yield.

In Muzirantwago irrigation scheme /Nyamagabe District HoReCo technicians coach the farmers how to find solutions
In Rwoganyoni Scheme / Nyaruguru District: Farmers in the community work to create new channels
that bring water in their fields
In Muzirantwago irrigation scheme / Nyamagabe District, the solution to the farmers has been found! A new channel
created begins to supply water to their fields
The creation of new channels will solve the water problem faced by the people during the dry season

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