Project of Vegetables Production at Nyanza district (PROVEGEPRO – Nyanza)

1. Project Background

 Rwanda’s climate and soils are highly suited to the production of horticultural crops. This, coupled with substantial variation in altitude across the country, means that there is potential to cultivate a wide range of high quality fruits, and vegetables and for growers to obtain high per-hectare yields.

The overall goal of Vision 2020 is for Rwanda to achieve middle-income country status by 2020. The development of the horticulture sector will be important in achieving this goal, since it will contribute to the efficient use of the country’s scarce land resources and, as incomes rise, it will cater for the associated rapid increase in the domestic and abroad demand for fruits and vegetables.

Therefore, Horticulture in Reality Cooperative (HoReCo) in collaboration with Land husbandry, Water harvesting and Hillside irrigation (LWH) started to improve horticultural production through the Project of Vegetables Production at Nyanza district (PROVEGEPRO-Nyanza) and the project is owned by HoReCo at Rwabicuma Sector. By now we are producing watermelon which is providing a lot of yield.

This is HoReCo’s farm of watermelon located at Rwabicuma sector/Nyanza

2. Scope of activities under PROGEVEPRO

To achieve the long term goal of being model vegetables producer and exporter, HoReCo started the above mentioned project(PROGEVEPRO) basically water melon. The current size of water melon plantation is 1ha, and we are expecting to increase the size to 2ha by the end of May and will be alternatively rotated with red onion.

For export, we are producing 29,700 health seedlings of Bird Eye Chills/ Annum Demon F1 successively to be transplanted and by referring to the cropping calendar we have, 6ha which will be used to produce green chilli at the end of the season C 2017.

This is a modern nursery of Bird Eye Chilli/ Annum Demon F1 established in Rwabicuma/Nyanza district









“Water is life”, any crop which does not obtain sufficient water, does not give high quality and quantitative yield, reason why we thought about the durable solution, to overcome water stress in our plantation. Drip irrigation system will be installed on the land of 7ha.

Also HoReCo engaged in production of Tomato and at glance start the trial of new variety  Star 9182F1 for looking if it will provide a good production in terms of quality and quantity, and it was seen that this variety is adaptable in open field and provide a lot of yield if it is carried well.

Trial of new variety of tomato(star 9182F1) on the open field


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