The results of agriculture season 2021A in some irrigation Schemes under HoReCo Management through the collaboration with Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board (RAB)

The 2021A agriculture season started in September 2020, which is a growing season especially for Maize, Rice and various vegetables.

Some of the irrigation schemes managed by HoReCo the farmers are confident of good yields as some plants have already been harvested and others are close to harvesting.

In the Kabuye marshland located in Jabana Sector, Gasabo District, farmers are very happy with the productivity of 5.5T/Ha of rice produced in this growing season for the first time since last year’s productivity was 4.5T per Hectare.

Not only in the Kabuye marshland, also in the various irrigation schemes  managed by HoReCo the productivity continues to increase.

Farmers are also well prepared for their land to continue with the 2021B season as a way to avoid delays as it also has a negative impact on yields.

Maize grown in Akagera marshland / Huye District
Maize seed production in Bishenyi marshland / Kamonyi District
Maize grown in Nyakagezi marshland /Gisagara District shows that it will produce good yields
Rice production in the Jabana marshland/Gasabo District has increased
In Rwasave irrigation scheme/Gasabo District the rice was harvested
In Nasho irrigation scheme planted watermelons and produced good yields. They produced 26.7T/Ha
Tomato farming in Nyagisenyi – Rufigiza irrigation schemes yields good results due to Good Agriculture Practices from HoReCo Agronomists.
In Kanyegenyege marshland/ Ruhango District, land has already been prepared for the start of the 2021B planting season.
Land preparation in Nyagisenyi – Rufigiza marshland In preparation for the 2021B planting season

Farmers are talking about this increase in productivity thanks to Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) advices from HoReCo Technicians who work day by day with the farmers.

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