About us

HoReCo is among youth organizations that started in the will of national policies and strategies to engage youth in country’s development programs.

Through this government initiative, the idea of starting HoReCo was born on the 10th June 2016, by ten dedicated young entrepreneurs who underwent eleven months train- ship in Israel between 2012 to 2015 in matter of Horticulture and Irrigation development.

HoReCo is currently composed by over a hundred committed young entrepreneurs from various agricultural domains (Horticulture, Crop production, Agronomy, Agribusiness, Agriculture Mechanization, Soil and water manage- ment, Irrigation and Drainage) and still increasing. This junction of knowledge and expertise makes HoReCo one of the tough and fast-growing corporation in Rwandan agri- cultural projects.

Currently, HoReCo operates in Rwandan Agriculture sector as an innovative and entrepreneurial organization focusing on extension services to the farmers in different areas of agriculture while linking them to the potential markets.

HoReCo continues to co-operate with different partners in Agriculture sector to explore boundless opportunities in Rwanda.

In eradication of mal nutrition in rural areas of Rwanda, HoReCo is providing extension services in different areas where they are taught to grow some vegetables in their home gardens as well as in their fields. In this case, HoReCo also helps farmers in market negotiation. Fruit trees are also a component of extension services provided by HoReCo where the farmers are trained about all agricultural practices on identified species.

Fruit trees are also a component of extension services provided by HoReCo

In this discipline of eradicating malnutrition in rural areas of Rwanda, HoReCo has the session where the farmers are trained by nutritionist and food scientists to take the food of good quality. Animal husbandry is also a component in this session.

Since 2017, the Rwanda Agriculture Development Board (RAB) endorced  HoReCo  commitment to support the global Rwanda Agriculture modernization process and mandated  the HoReCo to implement the OMMIS PROJECT “OPERATION,MAINTENANCE AND MANAGEMENT OF IRRIGATION SCHEMES” PROJECT “.


Over  hundred  young Engineers  who got trained under collaboration between the governments of Rwanda and Israel, associated in Horticulture in Reality Corporation (HoReCo), were deployed  in Sixty two (67) schemes in 19 districts of about 10,333ha to pilot the optimum valorization of irrigation schemes located in the aforementioned district through Operation, Maintenance and Management of Irrigation Schemes Project (OMMIS Project) and also for applying the agricultural technology learnt in academia as well as in Israel.

Over  hundred  young Engineers  have got trained on irrigation technology in Israel

One of the main mandates of HoReCo is to increase the farmers’ production and farms’ productivity through best farming practices and to achieve on this mandate HoReCo has to ensure proximity coaching of farmers for different aspects.

Examples of  progress Potential yield  incrementation  in different irrigation schemes per season:

  • Sweet peppers production has increased from 18.5T/ha to 67.45T/ha
  • Sweet potatoes production has increased from 3T/ha to 10T/ha
  • Eggplants production has increased from 15T/ha to 75T/ha
  • Rice production has increased from 1.7T/ha to 5T/ha and from 4 to 6T/ha
  • Maize production has increased from 2.3T/ha 4.52T/ha and from 3 to 5.3T/ha
  • Tomatoes production has increased from 40T/ha to 45T/ha

HoReCo as service provider has contracted with AGRA Rwanda to implement potato Seed production project(PSPP) in Northern Province.

From 2019 to 2021, the project is for producing basic and certi- fied potato seeds on 40 Ha to be benefited by farmers and potato seed multipliers with worth of 249,000 USD dollars.

The project has six managing staffs and provides between 120 to 150 casual labours depending ongoing activities.

Supported by AGRA,HoReCo is carrying out the project”Potato Seeds Production Project(PSPP)”in Kinigi

Areas of intervention:

  • Growing various horticultural crops within different corners of the country

  • Extension services deliverance on crop production and value chain traceability
  • Extension        services      deliverance       on      operation, maintenance and management of irrigation schemes
  • Delivering and facilitating different agricultural trainings
  • Supporting agricultural cooperatives for sustainable management of their assets;
  • Promotion of savings and credits among farmers operating in irrigation schemes;
  • Stimulate the farmers’ ownership of irrigation schemes for operation and maintenance of infrastructures in a sustainable way;
  • Production of improved seeds for different crops
  • Promotion of gender and conflicts resolution in the perspective of agriculture production
  • Gathering skills gap in agriculture and facilitating trainings for selected trainees in Israel
  • Service provider for projects development for trainees upon completion of trainings


HoReCo is
mobilizing financial resources to implement proposed project named “Send Youth for Agricultural Trainings in
aimed at empowering fresh graduates and youth on identified skills
gap in agriculture sector in Rwanda.

HoReCo will facilitate selected and qualified trainees for logistics from Rwanda to Israel and will monitor trainees on the ground to benefit organized trainings. Each intake will be hosted for a period of three years.

HoReCo will also facilitate in development of bankable Agricultural projects upon completion of trainings.