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OCP School Lab

The OCP School Lab project, implemented by HoReCo through Rwanda Fertiliser Company, aims to enhance agricultural productivity through soil sampling and testing. The project also focuses on promoting efficient usage of fertilizers and providing training to farmers on Good Agricultural Practices, with a particular focus on Maize and Irish Potato cultivation.


The OCP School Lab project, undertaken in collaboration with Rwanda Fertiliser Company, has a central objective of boosting agricultural productivity. To achieve this goal, the project focuses on three main aspects:

  1. Soil Sampling and Testing: The project involves collecting soil samples from farmers’ fields and subjecting them to comprehensive testing. This process allows for a better understanding of the soil’s nutrient composition, pH levels, and overall health. With this valuable information, farmers can make informed decisions about the appropriate fertilisers and soil amendments needed to optimize crop growth.

  2. Efficient Fertilizer Usage: Through the project, farmers are educated on the proper and judicious use of fertilisers. They are provided with guidance on selecting the right type and quantity of fertilisers based on the specific needs of their crops and soil. By using fertilisers more efficiently, farmers can avoid wastage and reduce environmental impact while still achieving improved crop yields.

  3. Training on Good Agricultural Practices (GAP): The project offers training sessions to farmers, focusing on Good Agricultural Practices. These practices encompass a range of sustainable and scientifically-proven techniques for crop management, including proper irrigation methods, pest and disease control, crop rotation, and timely planting. By adopting these practices, farmers can maximize their agricultural outputs while preserving natural resources and minimizing negative impacts on the environment.