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Unveiling Agricultural Triumphs: HoReCo’s Quarter 1 Report Validation with RAB and Local Farmers

In a pivotal meeting held this Monday 18th December, HoReCo joined forces with the Rwanda Agricultural Board (RAB) and local farmers to validate the achievements of Quarter 1. The session aimed not only to assess HoReCo’s deliverables in the agriculture sector but also to facilitate an interactive dialogue addressing the concerns of local farmers.

Key Meeting Highlights:

  1. Diverse Attendance: The meeting witnessed the participation of RAB contract managers, HoReCo’s CEO and staff, and a vibrant group of local farmers, creating a diverse and inclusive platform for discussion.
  2. Validation Objectives: The primary focus was the thorough validation of HoReCo’s agricultural initiatives during Quarter 1. This involved a meticulous examination of the Quarter 1 report and an assessment of its impact on local farming communities.
  3. Interactive Q/A Session: A highlight of the meeting was the interactive question-and-answer session. Local farmers actively engaged with HoReCo and RAB, posing queries and sharing challenges they faced in their agricultural endeavors.
  4. Collaborative Problem-Solving: The Q/A session served as a collaborative space for problem-solving. HoReCo and RAB actively addressed concerns raised by local farmers, working together to find practical solutions and initiatives.

The collaborative spirit exhibited during this session underscored the transformative power that emerges when key players unite for a shared cause. The partnership between HoReCo, RAB, and local farmers demonstrated a commitment not only to measuring success but actively engaging with the challenges faced by those on the front lines of agriculture.

Simply put, the Quarter 1 report validation is like a fruitful field where the seeds of past success are growing. It’s a promise for a good partnership between HoReCo, RAB, and our local farmers, like a team of farmers working together. We planted the seeds of prosperity, taking care of this collaboration like farmers tend to their crops. As we work together, the shared success is starting to show, just like crops growing in a well-tended field, and we’re excited about the good times coming our way.

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