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Workshop for Validation of Lot 5, Q3 Progress Report by HoReCo

Date: June 10, 2024

Today, we are excited to share insights from our recent workshop dedicated to validating the progress report for Lot 5, Quarter Three, conducted by HoReCo (Horticulture Revitalization Company). This session was organized in collaboration with RAB (Rwanda Agriculture and Animal Resources Development Board) and focused on evaluating the activities carried out under our contract aimed at providing proximity coaching to farmers’ organizations operating in irrigation schemes.

Key Highlights of the Workshop:

  1. Presentation of Progress Report: The workshop began with a detailed presentation of the progress report for Lot 5, Q3. This report encapsulated the various activities and milestones achieved by HoReCo in providing essential coaching and support to the farmers’ organizations. The presentation highlighted the strategies implemented, challenges encountered, and the overall impact on the agricultural practices within the irrigation schemes.
  2. Engaging Discussions with Local Farmers: One of the most valuable aspects of the workshop was the interactive session with the local farmers. We engaged in meaningful discussions, gathering firsthand feedback from those directly benefiting from our initiatives. Farmers shared their experiences, challenges, and success stories, providing us with a deeper understanding of their needs and the areas that require further improvement.
  3. Collaborative Brainstorming for Agricultural Improvement: Together with the farmers, RAB representatives, and HoReCo team members, we brainstormed on innovative ways to enhance agricultural productivity and sustainability. The discussions covered a wide range of topics, including modern irrigation techniques, crop diversification, pest management, and effective utilization of resources. These collaborative efforts are essential in tailoring our coaching methods to better serve the farmers and optimize their yields.

Conclusion and Validation:

We are pleased to announce that RAB has reviewed and validated our progress report, acknowledging the significant strides made in supporting the farmers’ organizations. The approval from RAB not only validates our efforts but also motivates us to continue our commitment to improving agricultural practices and empowering local farmers through dedicated coaching and support.

This workshop marks another milestone in our journey towards agricultural excellence and sustainability. We look forward to implementing the valuable insights gained and further enhancing our proximity coaching services for the betterment of the farming community.

Stay tuned for more updates and thank you for being a part of our mission to revolutionize agriculture!

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