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A successful day 2 at the OCP School Lab in Nyaruguru District

In the heart of Nyaruguru District, a collaborative effort is underway to transform the agricultural landscape. The OCPC School Lab, in partnership with Rwanda Fertiliser Company and HoReCo, is on a mission to empower local farmers, enhance Irish potato cultivation, promote good agricultural practices, and ensure responsible fertilizer use. Together, they are sowing the seeds of a brighter and more sustainable future for agriculture in our community.

In Nyaruguru District, agriculture is more than just a livelihood; it’s a way of life. With its picturesque landscapes and fertile soils, the region has the potential to become an agricultural powerhouse. However, challenges such as soil degradation, limited access to resources, and the need for knowledge-sharing have hindered the realization of this potential.

Recognizing these challenges, OCPC School Lab, Rwanda Fertiliser Company, and HoReCo have come together to make a difference. Through a unique partnership, these organizations are working hand in hand with local farmers to address these issues and cultivate a brighter future for the entire community.

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